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Your Local Property Managers (YLPM LTD)- We are one years old!

We are one years old!

Your local property managers (YLPM LTD) are coming up to our first Birthday and we are delighted with how many people we have on board. We want to say a BIG ‘THANK YOU!’ to all our landlords that moved over to us and gave the ‘new kids on the block’ a chance. I hope we have been all you expected and more.

Not only are we saving them hundreds of dollars per year in fees/per property, but we are now also helping the ‘self-managers’ to find the best applicant and offer pre-paid inspections. Moving into 2020 we want to also move into tenancy tribunal help, so we are a one stop for all rental-related situations.

If you haven’t heard of us yet, then where have you been? To put it simply, we are the property managers that want to keep more money in our client’s pockets, but we also aim to keep your investment safe. Follow up on late payments in a timely fashion, work with tenants within limitations and keep up the ongoing property law legislation updates. We do thorough inspections and follow up on anything that needed to be addressed.

So, we claim to save you in fees, but how do we do this? Well, that’s an excellent question! We have a flat 9.775% inclusive with no extra fees. We do not charge you for: inspections, administration, maintenance, payment of rates and insurance or even tenancy tribunal fees (if it is a tenant we placed) and no account fees. We do fortnightly disbursements because we believe it’s your money and why should your money sit in the trust account?

If you’re with another company, you could pay:

·         8.5 percent commissions on rent and other money collected;

·         a $10 monthly administration fee;

·         $30 property inspection fee;

·         $5 handling fee for payment of rates and insurance;

·         10 percent commission on any other account paid;

·         $500 if the property is put on the market;

·         $60 an hour for attending Tenancy Tribunal hearings or mediation.

We have had a great first year, with a lot of calls asking about letting and inspections for the ‘self-mangers’. Which we charged one week’s rent plus advertising, if your local we will advertise, answer calls and emails, arrange showings, background checks, credit check and call their references on the short list. When you have decided on the right tenant for you, we will arrange the tenancy agreement to be signed and lodge the bond on your behalf.

If you’re not in the Ruapehu area, we can still help. Like I mentioned earlier, our letting service is NZ wide. We will advertise, take calls and emails, arrange showings that the landlord needs to do, and undertake all the checks like above for the short list. When you have decided on your tenant, we will give you a copy of the tenancy agreement for you to get signed or we can also do it for you and lodge the bond.We offer inspections to self-managers, if you are interested in fees please go to our Inspection page. There will have more information if you’re interested in our inspection service.

And our last thing is the tenancy help at $25 + GST per half hour, this is still in the works but by 2020 we will have this part of our service up and running. If you have any other suggestions, we would love feedback. We want to bring a quality service to our customers, at the most competitive prices.