Tenant Information

Your property manager will go over your rights and obligations at the time of the signing of the tenancy agreement, please arise any concerns at that time. If you are seeking more information please visit Tenancy Services website for a range of information and forms.


What’s the Best Way to Get in Touch?


The best form of contact with our office is via email [email protected]  If you do not have access to email, please phone our office on 0800 114 978.


General Repairs and Maintenance


General repairs and maintenance requests are to be submitted via our Online Maintenance Manager. Our free Maintenance App is easy and fast reporting.

After Hours Emergency Repairs


If you wish to report an URGENT after hours plumbing, drainage or electrical matter please phone 0800 114978.


Change of Tenant


Should any of the tenants living at the property change during the tenancy, you  must notify our office for prior approval.  Any change of tenant or additional occupants must make a written application and be approved to live in the property before moving in.


Routine Inspections


We carry out inspections at regular intervals, as required by the landlord’s insurance company. This will be discussed during your sign-up appointment. That we do an entry inspection, 1month in inspection and then we go to 3monthly accruing inspections.


You will be sent text and email notification approximately one week prior to your inspection, giving notice of the date and approximate time of our visit.


Photographs of the property will be taken at these inspections to track the general condition of the property and of repairs and maintenance as required. A report of our visit will be sent on to the property owner. 


Locked out?


If you find yourself locked out of your property during office hours, in certain circumstances you may visit our office to collect our office set of keys however these must be returned immediately.

It is important to note that for privacy and security reasons, we are only able to give keys to tenants who are listed on the tenancy agreement and photo identification must be produced.

If you lock yourself out after office hours and cannot contact your Property Manager it is your responsibility to contact a locksmith to gain access.

Please note that all lock out costs are the tenant’s responsibility to pay.


What happens at the end of our tenancy?

You are required to return your keys to your property manager by no later than 4pm on the last day of your tenancy. This date is recorded on your Tenancy Agreement for quick reference. 

You must remove all personal items and rubbish by this date. You are obligated to return the house back to the same clean and tidy standard given to you and as per Section 40 (1) (e) (i) of the Residential Tenancy Act, including mowing lawns and weeding gardens. Following your exit inspection, if these obligations are not met then the costs to remedy this may be deducted from your bond.

If your house is left in a clean and tidy standard, all keys are returned on time, we will send you a confirmation message and arrange for the release of your bond to be auctioned.