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Why Choose Your Local Property Managers (YLPM LTD)

You can manage your own property, but what do you think your time is worth? Keeping up with upcoming legislation changes can be tiring.

Hi, we are Your local property managers.

We are a dedicated property management company.

Our goal is to keep more money in your pocket, while still getting that professional service.

This is our structure:

We are a flat rate of 9.775% Inclusive, no hidden fees.

-No inspection fees

-No administration Fees

-No maintenance fees

-No tribunal fees * if we are the one that placed the tenant in your property.

-We trust in the tenants we find, so no extra cost to you.

-We have years of experience.

-We go through a thorough background check because better tenants mean better returns for us.

What do you mean by this? Fewer resources go into chasing up rent arrears, tenants that cause damage to your property.

What are things we do and look for?

We do regular inspections every 3 months, make sure there is no damage done to your property,

That rubbish doesn’t accrue, we are on top of parties and take the appropriate action to noise complaints, don’t let an abatement notice be served on your property because it wasn’t actioned in a timely fashion.

We believe we are firm but fair approach to rent arrears and have a policy to reflect that.

We pride ourselves in being efficient and having a close working relationship with our client’s, tenants and relevant authorities. 

If this is something that interests you, call us. We service the Ruapehu area, Ohakune, Rathei, National park and Taumarunui.

Call us on 0800 114 978