What self-managers need to know before travelling Overseas.

Responsibilities of being a landlord and travelling overseas.

Thinking of going overseas for a holiday? Be aware of your responsibilities as a Landlord and then enjoy your overseas holiday.

Do you manage your own property in New Zealand and will be out of the country for more than 21 consecutive days? You may not know this, but your responsibilities as a self-manager of your property, is you must appoint an agent who can act on your behalf. So, the tenant can still lodge issues they would normally bring to your attention. They will need someone else that will take your place while you are overseas, including any repairs that arise.

You can appoint anyone to be your temporary agent, it is recommended by the Tenancy Services, ”That you should appoint someone who is fully aware of, and able to fulfill their responsibilities as your agent”. Not all but some landlords choose to appoint a friend or family member, but going the professional property manager can be the best way to make sure your investment is safe and sound.

A property manager knows the do’s and don’ts, they will not overstep their bounties and are polished with the legislation if complications arise.

You have found your temporary agent? What you need to do:

·         Advise your tenant/s about who the Temporary agent is, how to contact them and what date they will be the acting agent.

·         Fill out a change of landlord . Then contact the Bond Centre and ask them to update their records with your agent’s name. 

After you have had your holiday and back in New Zealand, you must fill out Tenancy Services form, this just says your back and that you don’t need an acting agent anymore. If you didn’t tell your tenant when you would be back, just contact them to advise them.  Good communication will make your holiday less stressful for both parties involved.

Your Local Property Managers can help with being your Temporary agent, we are just one phone call away 0800 114 978 or  email