Condensation & Mould Control
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Condensation & Mould Control

It’s getting that time of the year, where it’s more important than ever to keep onto of condensation to make sure it doesn’t turn into mould.

Make sure your house is kept warm, dry and mould free.
A dry, well-aired house is easier to heat and healthier for your family.

Condensation is caused when warm water vapor within the air hits a non-absorbent cold surface like a window, wall, ceiling, vanity top etc. It can happen to any home, no matter its age or how it had been built.

If not kept in check, this will grow into mould, which may cause serious health issues for everybody living within the property.

Humans produce up to 800ml of moisture each day through respiration and perspiration.

Make sure condensation doesn’t turn into mould by:

• Open windows and doors daily
• Use an extractor fan/ dehumidifier, so steam can escape when cooking and showering
• Open curtains early within the morning and shut them when the sun goes down
• Keep lids on pots when cooking
• Wipe condensation off walls and windows daily
• Hang washing outside to dry
• Don’t dry washing inside
• Open windows and use the extractor fan when employing a clothes dryer so moisture can escape
• Make sure clothes and shoes are dry before putting away 
• Leave wardrobes slightly open for ventilation
• Keep the curtain hanging inside the shower/bath so water doesn’t drip on the ground and wash the curtain every few weeks
• Use an electrical heater instead of gas (gas heaters expel water because the gas burns)
• Pull beds and furniture faraway from the walls in order that they can breathe
• Keep only a couple of plants inside

Removing and Preventing Mould

To protect your health, remove mould as soon as it appears. The key to preventing the spread of mould is by stopping the spread of moisture. It’s important to encourage tenants to report any leaks or water damage they see immediately, so you can act fast to repair the affected areas. Even include language in the lease that requires them to report water damage. It’s also important for the tenant to wipe down condensation and mould, as said before their health could be on the line. Don’t give mould the opportunity to grow.

It’s a team effort to prevent mould, there are things landlords can do as well as tenants doing their part.