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Switch to us and save

With the Ideal Tenants, we could save you at least $590 per property. Less than perfect tenants? We could save you $1000s

8.5% + GST—No other fees!

How much are you currently paying?

Consumer NZ reports that Quinovic Property Management a leading name in the industry charges 8.5% commission , $10 monthly fee, $30 inspection fee, $5 payment handling fee, 10% commission on other accounts,

$500 if you sell the property and $60 an hour for tribunal hearings, and now a Tenancy fee to replace letting fees.

On a perfect rental of $220 per week you pay;

$972.40  (8.5%) Commission per year

$120 Administration fee

$120 inspection fee (4 x inspections)

$30 Payment handling fee

$100 repair commission ($1000 in repairs)

$220 Tenancy fee

Yearly total:  $1562.40 or equal to 13.65%

Our single fee of 8.5% total of $972.40

The difference in your pocket of: $590.00

Make sure you compare apple to apples when looking at commission rates.

 Less than Ideal Tenant?

We are experienced in dealing with all manner of tenants. Many problems can often be managed with a firm approach and effective follow-up.

However, regardless of the action taken, in some instances the only way forward is to remove the tenant and start again. We will attend the Tenancy Tribunal at no cost. Once an order is issued, we will ensure it is enforced by implementing enforcement orders to ensure money owed is paid.

In addition, we have partnered with a Debt Collection Agency and a Private Investigation Company who will track the defaulted tenant and make sure that any debt that is owed to you is collected. We offer this service at no cost to you, if the tenant is under our tenancy agreement. Recovery costs are part of the tenancy agreement.

Make the Shift today!  It’s Simple, we do all the work. 

We will collect all of the relevant documents and keys, organise any transfer of bond, contact your tenants and reassure them of the process.

We also arrange a time to meet your tenants and complete a routine inspection or advertise if your property is vacant. We provide ongoing support, professional advice to you. Now is your opportunity get the most from your property. 

Call us on 0800 11 49 78

10 Reasons to Choose Us!

 We are an Exclusive Property Management Company. We
specialise in Investment Properties and will Maximise your income and protect your investment. Your property will never be treated as “just a number”.
 Our Commission is only 8.5% (plus GST).
We Manage difficult Issues as Soon as they Arise, our 0800 number is open 24/7.  Our trades people are trained to identify faults that are not fair “wear and tear” so you don’t end up paying for more.
We have a Zero Tolerance Policy for Rent Defaults. Rent payments are checked daily.  Any defaults are addressed immediately.
 We will find You the Right Tenant. We use a 10-step method to fine tune our selection before conducting a comprehensive screening process with the use of Private investigators to ensure nothing is missed and only the best tenants are put to you for
Experts on Tenancy Laws. Your Local Property Manager is well versed with the NZ Residential Tenancies Act 1986, the Residential Tenancies Act Amendment 2010, and the Tenancy Tribunal procedures.  
We collect the bond and keep it safe right to the end. The bond is deposited with the Tenancy Services. It will be totally secure there until we have completed a comprehensive inspection at the end of the tenancy.
We do not charge Inspection Fees. We believe by having regular inspections, we can ensure the property is well maintained by tenants, at no extra cost to the Owner.
We do Thorough Inspections Quarterly. We are rigorous about inspecting your property, with a minimum of 4 inspections per year.  We ensure that the inspections fall in line with the requirements of the Insurance Policy.  We often discover maintenance issues early before it gets expensive, as tenants do not always inform us when repairs are needed.
24/7 Online Access to the Owner Database. All landlords, receive updates on what’s happening with their property. Monthly financial reports, inspection reports, and inspection photos are made available online through internet access.