Rental Preparation

Do you have a property that needs work to be brought up to standards to become a rental property? Getting your property up to compliance can seem daunting, but we can help.

We can take the stress out of getting your property ready to make your portfolio bigger.
We will do an inspection of your property, give you a detailed report of things we believe need to be done and a list of suggested improvements. As the property owner you see things that you can live with but as a tenant there are things they wouldn’t and shouldn’t have to live with.
It could be a simple ‘fix it list’
• Make sure all windows are clean and can be easily opened and locked
• There are no leaking taps
• Bathroom is clean (No cracked tiles etc)
• Lights are working
• Blinds and curtains are clean and in good working order
• Chipped paint is fixed
• Locks are easy to use

Address any small things before you have a tenant in your property, this can help things not to escalate and end up costing more money in the long run

We can arrange for work to be done to get your property fully complaint. We will work with all the contractors to let them into the property and lock the property when the work is completed. We can arrange any cosmetic work that you feel you would like to add value to your rental price.

A small outlay can make your weekly income rise just for doing some simple things.

Inexpensive updates you can do are:

  • Gardens
  • Updating lighting and bathroom fixtures
  • Flooring
  • Clean the property
  • Update curtains or blinds

When your property meets the Residential Tenancies Act rules and regulations, shop around for landlord property insurance, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Managing your own property could be extremely satisfying. You get to keep your costs down and build a better relationship with your tenants but if you are looking for a property manager, consider Your Local Property Managers (YLPM), we have low fees and aim to keep more money in your pocket.