Project Manager

Project to large to handle, want someone who has boots on the ground? Our property managers are amazing at handling small repairs, and upgrades as they become required but have found you need a specialised when major work is undertaken. Do you know that on average a new house build has 50 different individuals involved, that all need managing to ensure both time lines and budgets are adhered to?

A renovation is much the same depending on how big of a project you want to undertake. Upgrading the kitchen for example, may require a plumber, electrician, cabinet maker, builder, council, painter, plaster, tiler and handyman this is for a simple kitset kitchen. Do you have the knowledge and time to deal with all these people, knowing that if one is late your whole project falls behind? That’s another week or 6 without rental income, but the bills keep coming.

We have on staff a dedicated property management professional, who is a member of the Property Management Institute and holds a New Zealand Certificate in Property Management who for 5%* of the project value can take the heartache away and often save you money by ensuring timelines are kept, none of those “Extras” pop up, budget overruns are kept under control and the job is done right the first time.


They can assist with most projects regardless of size once it falls outside the expertise of our property managers or even before that new house you just bought is rented. From bringing that new purchase upto the Healthy Homes standard’s, through to a complete upgrade we can help to ensure you use the best, qualified and efficient tradesmen and women, that when we get a timeline from a Tradey we ensure it is adhered to so you know when the job is done and can budget around it.


All monies paid are held in a Trust Account and only paid out when the work undertaken is complete and inspected, preventing those horrible stories of the roofer running off with the money and leaving you with nothing but a destroyed house and an empty bank account, or the plumber overcharging for work that wasn’t done, It is often found that by paying a project manager you come out with more money in your pocket at the end of the project than if you didn’t.