Inspections Ruapehu Area

Inspections Ruapehu Area


Want to self-manage but don’t want to do the inspections yourself?

Or maybe you need Tenancy advice?

Your Local Property Managers (YLPM LTD) can help, we can do inspections as required. No heartache to you, we look after the greater Ruapehu Area including Taumaruni, National park, Ohakune and Raetihi.


 Why use us?

We are a one stop shop for self-managers, we help with the more challenging problems that arise or just take the stress out of the parts you don’t want to deal with. Our services include Lettings, Inspections and tenancy advice.

You can feel at ease that you are saving in commission fees but still getting the help you need combined with the confidence that your property will be professionally inspected, ensuring nothing is missed and the inspection remains completely unbiased.

Once you have decided what package you like, we can contact the tenant directly to arrange a day and time for the inspection. We strongly suggest you pass on our details, if this is their first inspection through us and explain who we are and we will be in contact.

If you are here because the tenant doesn’t want you to do inspections, We can help. We will explain to them they are a requirement of the tenancy and we can assist with breach notices should they be required. After the inspection has been completed, we send you a full report with: any damage, problems noted (which we see and the tenant tells us about), photos of floors, walls, ceilings and test smoke alarms.

Finally make sure you are current with legislative changes, as part of our inspection we complete an audit on the property so you know you are 100% covered.  Did you know you have to test smoke alarms? Under the privacy act is can be a breach to take photos of the tenant’s belongings.

Finally the importance of having a record of inspections is essential should you need to make a claim on your insurance as some companies will not pay out if you can not prove you undertake regular inspections (3 monthly).

If there is anything you are concerned about, please put that in the note section of the form.

Tenancy help

Knowing how to deal with a situation can be tricky,  we have experience in property management, local and government legislation, private investigating. Which helps you decide how you would like to proceed in whatever challenges arise when it comes to rentals.

How does the Inspections work?

Well, we don’t believe in making you sign a 12-month contract, we refer the Pre-paid option. We provide a great service that will get you coming back for each inspection.

How does the Pre-Paid option work?

There are two options, you book in a time that suits you for the inspection (this comes with an additional premium). Alternative you can let us decide the day/time this is cheaper as we work it around our other inspections.

What is this service going to cost me?

Three Monthly rental Inspections

$85 +GST

First inspection/Final inspections

$129 +GST

Inspection with landlord present

$159 +GST

Tenancy help

(minimum of 15 minute blocks)

$25 +GST per hour

All cancellations of inspections booked and authorised by the landlord will incur a charge of

$55 +GST

If you would like a specific time/day, an extra charge of $50 +GST will incur.

Where possible, we will do multiple inspections in the area sharing the km rate between all inspections.

*Plus Travel charged at .70c per Km outside the first 20kms of Taumarunui centre.

If you would like to use our service or would like more details please click Contact us.